frequently asked questions

We operate from 41 Jln Pemimpin, Kong Beng Industrial Building, #03-01B, S577186.

At the moment we operate mainly online and we designed the business such that customers can purchase materials easily online and have them delivered to their doorstep, via our website or shopee We also have youtube videos for every plant which guides customers on how to repot them and what to do when they encounter common problems specific to that plant.

But if you wish to drop by, we open 930am-630pm on Mondays to Fridays (exc PHs). Do whatsapp +65 8044 1418 before you drop by so we can ensure someone is present to assist you.

If you wish to drop by during non-working hours e.g. weekends/PHs, kindly whatsapp us beforehand to make an appointment (:

Yes we do.
For self pickup, it’s $0.
For non fragile items packed in a box and sent via courier, we match shopee’s shipping fee at $1.75.
For fragile items which has to be delivered upright by car, it’s $10.

Click to find out more details about the various delivery options and respective details.

Yes you may input billing address and shipping address separately at checkout page.

There’s also an option to add on a gift card at $1.90 whereby you can indicate your messages and we will help you to write on the gift card.

Unfortunately we don’t have that option at the moment.

You may select self pickup ($0) at the checkout pages. 

If the plant is purchased from our website: 
You can purchase a larger pot from our website and repot in the comfort of your own home. All our plants and pots have been segmented into numerical sizes and made easy for you to find a pot which can fit your plant.

Alternatively, you can make an appointment and bring it down to us so we can repot it for you. If you purchase the new pot from us, repotting is free. 

If you bring your own pot, repotting will be $5. 

If the plant is not purchased from our website:

You will have to pay $5 for repotting fee, and another $5 if you use our soil mix. Any plants or pots will incur additional charges.

If you experience some leaf tears/holes, broken stems, brown/yellow leaves, dried flowers, these are perfectly normal. If they look wrinkled, it may be a sign of dehydration. Simply water and they should plump up.

We hope you understand plants are living things so it’s not possible for them to look perfect all the time.

But we will investigate and if the issue is due to us, you can bring the plant down to us and we can do a swop.